cookie policy

what are cookies?
Cookies are files that contain small fragments of information that are stored in your browser when you visit a website. In them it is gathered only information related to website navigation, not including personal data.

what are cookies for?
Cookies are used to save information about your visits, for example, which language or currency you selected when you used our website. Therefore, next time you visit our website these preferences are recognized and assumed automatically, not having to always select the same preferences each time you access our website. Accepting cookies is essential to increase the efficiency of your navigation because you will not need to enter/select the same information all the time.

what types of cookies do you use?
We use the following types of cookies:

  • permanent cookies: these are cookies that are stored in the user's browser and are used whenever you re-visit the website. They can be manually deleted (as explained below) or let them expire by the expiration date. Essentially they are used to obtain better and personalized navigation, by saving previous preferences;
  • session cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain stored in the user's browser until they leave the website. Essentially they are used to keep track of page-to-page movements, without having to constantly be questioned with information you have previously given to the website.

for what purposes do you use cookies?

  • 'strictly necessary' cookies: allow us to successfully provide you with the required services, such as login in or completing a purchase;
  • 'analytic' cookies: used anonymously for statistical analysis and improve the functioning of the website, for example, to perceive which pages the user uses simultaneously;
  • 'functionality' cookies: they save the user's preferences so you do not have to choose them again with each new visit, for example using the same language and/or currency;
  • 'third-party' and 'advertising' cookies: measure the success of some applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising by targeting advertising to the user's interest, also limiting the number of times a user sees an ad.

how can I manage cookies?
All browsers allow the user to accept, decline or delete cookies at any time. You can configure your cookies in the 'options' or 'preferences' menu of your browser. Remember that when cleaning/disabling cookies you lose the automatic filling of some data, like the login.